International courier services

We at Prime International Courier & Cargo are providing an international courier service that is transferring the messages, packages and mail and delivers food from a restaurant that is well known for their speed, security tracking service and specialization. The international courier service by Lakhani Express is a collection of data, products and delivery whereby a courier comes to a mentioned location to pick up a parcel or more than one parcel before taking them back to the depot to be arranged and sent to the receiver. The courier service was progressed to provide a faster and more secure relief to the normal mail service that had been the only delivery service for so long. This courier company is works with door to door pick up and door to door delivery.

We at our organization first collect all the data and products from all customers and arrange them area wise or PIN code wise. Delivery center received all the couriers and create a run sheet as per area of deliveries and send all the couriers as per mentioned customer’s details. They are complete the full cycle and run the update sheet on the software. The courier company as collect the details of sender and receiver they all are stored in the database. We provide higher security so in our side customers details cannot abuse. Our employees can transfer the products without any corrosion.

We particularize in genuine and price beneficial International courier services in United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Canada, Australia and more than 200 landing places to all over the world through multi networks. Whether a customer wants to send a product or letters, or frightfully urgent machinery, tools and equipments and customers can depend on us to deliver any corner of the world. We deliver highly customized levels of customer service. We deliver door to door services either national or international.

We deliver fast and beneficial duties, clearance for all Your Import and export. And a broad range of non-standard import and export clearance and handling services. We provide excellent and fastest 24 hour door to door, port to port and airport to airport delivery of transport services. We provide a computerized tracking number of your parcel to give you immediate status and proof of delivery (on demand), which can be accessed by you, the customer and you can also see the current status of your parcel like it will be delivered or not and which person can receive your parcel and that person’s details and so on.

We provide more beneficial services and reasonable cost those services. Fastest and time to time transfer the goods from sender to receiver.